March&April Data Digest

We're getting back to you with our machine learning recommendations and news. This month we brought you a lot of reading, with both scholar and media articles: some research news, a couple of stories about natural language processing, and a selection of reviews on machine learning application in industry.


  • European scientists created a model that detects forged videos. The model trained on the dataset of half a million images from fake videos produced with the face2face algorithm

  • A review of hyperparameters influence on Random Forest predictions with the outline of the model-based optimization strategy (MBO) for the most established fine-tuning

  • A Human Guided Data Exploration framework utilizes computationally efficient constrained randomization scheme for more human-like hypothesis search during exploratory data analysis

  • Google Brain Team introduces a method to search for neural networks optimizers using machine learning algorithms

  • A tutorial on Monte Carlo method for reinforcement learning in Python

Natural Language Processing

  • XiaoIce, Microsoft’s social chatbot in China, implements "full duplex" (a term that refers to the ability to communicate in both directions simultaneously), which leads to a more natural conversation with the bot

  • Tacotron, the text-to-speech system from Google research team, incorporates prosody embeddings to make the resulting speech more human-like

ML Application

  • A navigation simulator from DeepMind team that learns its surroundings with pixelated Google Street View images database - just like a person who relies on visual information to get familiar with the new environment

  • A minute-by-minute vizualization of typical American day that models a day as a time-varying Markov chain.

  • An article on how mapping apps algorithms make traffic jams worse when planning an optimal individual route

  • Airbnb's implementation of listing embeddings for similar listing recommendations and real-time personalization in search


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